In this latest issue of Securities Finance Times magazine, securities finance experts discuss the advantages from the new digitised world to address historical inefficiences around collateral & liquidity.
Mike  Demissie,  BNY  Mellon’s  head  of  digital  assets  and  advanced solutions,  says that the  digital  asset  unit  plans  to  deliver  a  secure infrastructure  for  transferring, safekeeping and  issuing  digital  assets. While Hirander  Misra,  chairman  and  CEO  of GMEX  Group,  says  there  is strong  client  demand  for  the  full  spectrum  of  digital  and hybrid  services. However,  interoperability  and  time  to  market  remain  a  challenge,  with traditional  infrastructure  and digital market infrastructure being severely fragmented. He offers suggestions on how this can be addressed.
More insights are given by: Ron O’Hanley, CEO of State Street, Jens Hachmeister, Head of Deutsche Börse, amongst others.
Article on Pg 21-25