Exchange Notice

The SECDEX Group issues investor alerts and communiqués to inform and protect investors.

We wish to advise potential investors that the SECDEX Group has recently been approached by Weownomy Global for the custody and trade of WEOWN tokens. The SECDEX Group is in the process of carrying out the necessary due diligence exercise. Therefore, WEOWN tokens are not currently trading on SECDEX Exchange Ltd or SECDEX Digital Custodian Limited.

About Us

SECDEX Exchange Limited (“SECDEX Exchange”) is authorised and licensed by the Seychelles FSA to operate a regulated securities exchange with multi-asset capabilities, which include derivatives and digital assets.


Exchange Listing Rules2020-07-06T13:00:43+01:00

The Listing Rules establish standards and best practices to facilitate development and operation of an organised primary market for listed securities.

Exchange Rulebook2020-07-06T11:02:37+01:00

The Exchange Rulebook establishes standards and best practices to  provide market participants with the necessary guidelines of how to act on the market, with the main purpose being to maintain a fair, orderly and efficient market for trading.

Exchange Membership Application Form2020-07-06T11:07:44+01:00

The application form, required by prospective Members, to be completed in order to become a Trading Member of SECDEX Exchange.

Exchange Circulars2020-07-06T11:07:31+01:00

This section contains all the circulars published by SECDEX Exchange.

Exchange Fees2021-07-19T06:45:17+01:00

This section outlines the fees involved for being a Trading Member of SECDEX Exchange.

List of Exchange Non Business Days2020-07-06T11:11:59+01:00

SECDEX Exchange will be closed for business on the following public holidays in 2020.

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