SECDEX Exchange
SECDEX Exchange operates a regulated securities exchange with multi-asset capabilities, which include derivatives.  Securities are available in traditional and digital tokenised form for primary issuance and secondary trading.

SECDEX Clearing
SECDEX Clearing provides clearing and settlement services for securities and derivatives listed on SECDEX Exchange as a fully regulated Central Counterparty (CCP) clearing house. It is responsible for credit checks, position keep, margining, operational due diligence and initial guarantee of fund deposits with a trusted risk management approach.

SECDEX Depository
SECDEX Depository operates as the regulated central securities depository and registry for securities listed on SECDEX Exchange. It is responsible for safekeeping of securities, supporting deposits and withdrawals as well as dividend and interest processing. SECDEX Depository also acts to facilitate corporate actions such as proxy voting.

SECDEX Digital Custodian
SECDEX Digital Custodian (SDC) is regulated under the sandbox of the Seychelles FSA for a broad range of digital assets (“SDC Digital Custodian”). SDC also operates a trading venue (SDC Digital Marketplace) where cryptocurrencies in custody can be listed and traded.  SDC will also offer capital raising services via a peer-to-peer platform through project financing and invoice factoring (“SDC Investmint”).  It will also enable a crypto lending platform (“SDC Linct”).