The multi-asset hybrid exchange (‘’SECDEX Exchange’’) combines the benefits of a digital exchange with those of a conventional exchange in a fully regulated environment with a complete post-trade market infrastructure to support this hybrid model. SECDEX Exchange focuses on securities, debt, spot commodities and derivatives contracts in traditional and digital form.

SECDEX is unique as it is the first fully-regulated, multi-asset, hybrid market infrastructure ecosystem delivering seamless trading, clearing and settlement based on the strengths of GMEX Group as a founding shareholder combined with the professional services of Digital Partners Network as a co-founding shareholder, which include specialist legal, finance, compliance, corporate structuring, finance, strategic consulting, technology-enabled digital transformation and potential investment through a digital fund. This is game changing, as until now there have been too many intermediaries for these different services, as they have not been offered cost effectively under a single umbrella. This means, that in addition to the listing of traditional securities and derivatives, Security Token Offerings (STOs) can now be undertaken in a regulated, trusted environment with issuance, full professional services support for the tokenisation process covering legal and valuations in addition to capital raising, with listing and secondary trading on SECDEX Exchange.